View and download background studies and reports on Aquidneck Island's water resources. 

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Maidford River and Paradise Brook Watershed Conservation Plan

The plan presented here works to achieving that goal in the Maidford River and Paradise Brook Watershed through land acquisition, stewardship, and outreach. Developed by ALT in association with its consultants, Fuss & O’Neill.

View the plan here. 

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Bailey Brook Riparian Buffer Assessment and Conservation Plan

ALT, as part of the Rhode Island Green Infrastructure Coalition (“GIC”), conducted a buffer assessment of Bailey Brook in Middletown, part of Aquidneck Island’s water supply, to help guide ALT’s and assist the GIC’s work on water quality within the watershed and on Aquidneck Island.

View the plan here. 

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Source water Phosphorus reduction feasibility plan

The City of Newport, with funding from the Narragansett Bay Estuary Program and support from Fuss & O'Neill, developed this plan for reducing phosphorus pollution to several Aquidneck Island reservoirs.

View the plan here.